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California will be the first state in the US to restrict the single-use plastic

Under a new bill signed last month by California Governor Gavin Newsom, single-use plastic produce bags will be restricted from grocery stores in California starting in 2025.
Say “Bye” to plastic produce bags in California
Under the new law, grocery stores in the state will be required to restrict single-use plastic produce bags. A 25% drop in single-use plastic have be to ensured by 2032. And at least 30% of plastic items sold or bought in California are recyclable by 2028, it also establishes a plastic pollution mitigation fund. 

“It’s time for California to lead the nation and world in curbing the plastic crisis. Our planet cannot wait,” said Ben Allen, the state senator who introduced the legislation.
The law's effective date, from 2023 originally proposed, has been delayed to 2025 to give grocers more time to prepare.
We both know that plastic bag has a disastrous impact on the environment, so now biodegradable and compostable alternative made from cornstarch or plant-based vegetable materials will be the trend to reduce the environment polution.  
The compostable bag will naturally break down into organic nutrients once it’s used. These nutrients will then be used to enrich soils with zero harmful for the environment.
Oceanone Group successfully innovated many Eco-Friendly Bags through Biodegradable and Composable Materials: Bamboo fiber, 100% Corn starch/PLA, PET, RPET, BDP, RLH, 100% Recycled Materials, etc. We offer the most eco-friendly option to our customers, which makes a much more sustainable way for our customers to meet the challenge of plastic restriction. 

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