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How long it takes for biodegradable bags to decompose?

Cornstarch Bag made by Oceanone Group
What is biodegradable bag? It’s marked as more eco-friendly solutions, usually made from plants like corn and vegetable starch, which can break down without causing any harm to environment. 
How long will biodegradable bags take to decompose? As we know, traditional plastic bags usually take hundreds of years to fully decompose, which is really a big disaster for our earth environment. However, biodegradable plastics take just 3-6 months to decompose fully, far quicker than traditional plastics. 
The biodegradable bags to decompose depends on a range of factors, such as temperatur,  the amount of moisture present, microbe-rich environment, etc. 
Bioplastics made of cornstarch and other plant-based materials are a better choice. They give off CO2 as they decompose, but they’re merely expelling carbon locked in by the plant matter that originally formed them. The net effect on the environment is therefore close to zero. Thus, biodegradable bag will be an ideal solution for you.  

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