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About Us

Oceanone Group is an industry leader in the protective packaging market in China, offering a full portfolio of protective solutions globally including research, design, distribution, and recycling, products covering Eco-friendly Bag, Non-woven Bag, PE Bag, EPE Foam Bag, Colored Boxes, EVA, etc.
We commit to sustainability, environmental protection, and the reduction of plastic pollution by providing ever-growing products in recyclable, eco-friendly and renewable materials to our customers while keeping the total cost of the packaging solutions as low as possible through constant innovations.
Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and adopted by multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

Our Strength

Strong Supply Capability

Our unique technology and ISO system allow us to create custom packaging solutions that are surpass industry standards, and constantly supply to mutiple Fortune 500 companies.

Advanced Technology

We own unique production process and technology to support customize special-shape and clear color printing, focus on high-precision products. Strictly control quality through world class testing equipent.

Sustainable Material Innovation

We’ve developed a strong team in research, development and production, constantly innovating in recyclable, eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable materials.

After-sales Team Overseas

We commit to provide professional and just-in-time technical consult and services, with excellent after-sales team overseas.


Packaging Bags

Packaging Packaging Bag Division specializes in high-end electronics packaging bag, covering PE bag, Non-woven bag, EPE foam bag, Air cushion bag, etc.

Colored Boxes

Color Printing Division provides one-stop solution of high-quality design, production, and logistics services in colored boxes, gift boxes, instruction manual printing and many more.


XLPE/EVA Division specializing in the EVA/XLPE planks and rolls in various grades and sizes can cut the products into the sizes and shapes as instructed by the customers.

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